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Building Security Services
Building Security Guard Services

The process of urbanization is an important highlight in the development process of Vietnam in recent years. Therefore, high-rise buildings such as office buildings, complex buildings, apartment buildings, etc. are being built more and more. Currently, security issues of buildings are always focused and urgent. Royal Security Services provides security, […]

Security Solutions & Services for Public Attractions
Cybersecurity combining Human Expertise

Cybersecurity solution combined with people is the solution that Royal Security combines in parallel between the use of security guards and technological equipment (surveillance cameras and alarm systems), to ensure the provision of security services. a comprehensive protection solution, meeting all customer requirements. With Royal Security’s solutions: Costs are reduced […]

Bảo Vệ Cơ Sở Sản Xuất & Kinh Doanh
Factories, Companies, Warehouses, Production and Business Facilities Security Guard Services

Royal Security Services Co., Ltd provides professional protection services for industrial parks, factories, factories, warehouses, and business establishments. We provide the most superior security solutions for each specific goal and according to the requirements of each customer with a team of regular, well-trained, professional staff. Factories, companies, warehouses, warehouses, production, […]

Bảo Vệ Cơ Động
Mobile Security Guards & Mobile Security Patrols

Besides our security solutions, engineering systems, mobile protection & quick response services are effective ways to prevent break-ins and minimize damage. We monitor, and alert your facility no matter what happens. At any hour of the day or night, your family, property, or business is always our safety target. Safeguard […]

Personal & Event Protection Services
Personal & Event Protection Services

In events organized by companies, organizations, agencies, … often with the participation of many people. Without a team of security, security, professional bodyguards to coordinate, monitor, maintain order, ensure security, etc., the event could hardly take place smoothly and well. Even affecting the health and lives of participants and key […]

Security & Monitored Alarm Systems
Security & Monitored Alarm Systems

At Royal Security Services, we provide alarm solutions for every need and desire, such as break-in alarms, fire alarms, or other warnings that pose a danger and safety to your house, building, or business. When using the alarm system of Royal Security Services, you will have a complete system from […]

Dịch Vụ Bảo Vệ Khu Du Lịch
Security Solutions & Services for Public Attractions

Famous tourist areas and destinations often gather a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit, explore, relax, etc. In order to contribute to building the image and ensuring security, order, and safety at the tourist sites. In tourist areas, and famous destinations, Royal Security Services provides 24/7 professional […]