Cybersecurity combining Human Expertise

Cybersecurity solution combined with people is the solution that Royal Security combines in parallel between the use of security guards and technological equipment (surveillance cameras and alarm systems), to ensure the provision of security services. a comprehensive protection solution, meeting all customer requirements.

With Royal Security’s solutions: Costs are reduced to the maximum when technological equipment is used to minimize the number of positions of security guards. Surveillance is continuous and uninterrupted and provides the highest and most sustainable security performance. The data storage system at the control center is absolutely safe for access and inspection anytime, anywhere.

Cybersecurity combining Human Expertise

Central Control Station

By connecting your alarms and alarms to a central monitoring station of Royal Security Services, your home or business will be monitored 24/7 by our specialized experienced staff. Of course, the security and privacy of our customers are also always our top priority in this service.

Remote Monitoring & Central Control Station

We ensure that the right action is taken quickly in the event of an alarm. We can receive alarms from all types of systems regardless of manufacture or installation. When the alarm goes off, we’ll take the action you’ve specified in advance.

Our Central Control Station is the center for recording and handling situations when we receive alarm information from your facility. Once you connect your alarm system to us, we will monitor your facility around the clock. The staff at our center will record and handle alarms and follow the procedures we have contracted with you.

Mobile Protection & Quick Actions

Mobile protection and rapid action services are an option for safely complementing and dealing with a target’s alarm system.

Along with security solutions, and technical systems, our quick-response mobile protection service is an effective way to prevent break-ins and minimize damage. We monitor and alert your facility no matter what happens. At any hour of the day or night, your family, property, or business is always a safe target of Royal Security.

Safeguard with surveillance, mobility & quick action

We shoulder full responsibility for your family, and business when you travel for business. Our mobile protection service will act as a complement to your alarm system. When an alarm from your location arrives at our control center, we will send one of our mobile officers to check the cause of the alarm.

We handle all emergency cases

Our quick action security forces are highly qualified to handle unexpected situations, such as fires and accidents, and know how to act in the event of an impending threat to limit injury and property damage. Our security is in constant contact with the control center. They report their observations and can call the police or fire department if necessary.

Alarm system

With a smart alarm system, you get an optimal security measure to protect your family and property.

With many years of experience in providing security services for tourist resorts, we always build the best solutions to ensure security and order and ensure safety at tourist sites throughout the country. Because the characteristics of the tourist areas are different, so, the professional staff of Hoang Gia will design and build a specific and detailed plan for each tourist area according to the specific requirements of each tourist area.

With a wealth of experience in security training and strict management of security personnel, the building security force of the Royal Security Services will meet the most stringent security needs of customers. customers, partners. We are always aware of our responsibilities and constantly innovate to improve the quality of security services to better serve our customers and partners. With a team of dynamic, creative, and dedicated employees, with a team of experienced and professional leaders, many years in the field of protection, security, and security, along with operational criteria “Always Safe” we always try our best so that our customers and partners have the best experience when using the services of Royal Security Services.

In addition, Royal Security Services also provides other security services such as Building security guard services (offices, apartments, …), Companies, Factories, and business facilities security guard services, Hotel & Restaurant security guard services, Finance & Bank Security Guard Services, Mobile Security Guards & Mobile Security Patrols, Remote monitoring & central control station protection, Security & Monitored Alarm Systems, Personal & Event security guard services, Cybersecurity combining Human Expertise, Personal bodyguards, Security Solutions & Services for Public Attractions, Transport Escort security services, …


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